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TRU-FRAME® Greenhouse Windows

Architecturally superior and beautifully simple. Now you can enjoy all the sunlight and shinning beauty of the most architecturally and functionally superior window on the block. The new Tru-frame® vinyl Greenhouse window. Because we’ve taken the best of everything you could want and put it all right here for the world to see.

It’s Nicer to Have Around.

Each greenhouse window features a tough, durable vinyl frame in white or almond color that never needs painting, and is maintenance free. With rounded corners they’re stronger and safer to have around your house because the edges don’t protrude. They’re prettier too.

Inside, we’ve got fully adjustable, tempered-glass shelves. So you can have plants of different sizes, instead of half-dozen look-alikes. The side vents have sash balances, so you can let in fresh air at the touch of a fingertip. They even have self latching security locks.

It’s Strong, Sunny and Warm.

We can’t promise your plants will grow better with our greenhouse window. But they’ll be supported better with our rugged fusion welded PVC vinyl frame construction. It carries more weight, won’t sag, and is virtually indestructible.

Tru-Frame® Greenhouse windows are on of the most energy efficient windows available in single or double-glazed insulated glass. So you’ll let the sunshine in without losing heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer.

There’s also a clear view of nothing but glass to the outside. With no support bar, no obstruction and no problem for cleaning or dusting.

It’s Better, Top to Bottom.

On top, our ¾” Insulated low E squared roof repels up to 70% of the sun’s heat, and protects plants from harmful ultraviolet rays. And on the bottom, there’s a fully-insulated ¾” sturdy, specially formulated rigid vinyl tray. It’s easy to clean, it’s a full 16” deep for wider plant bases.

So after reading this, we think you’ll agree that with the Tru-Frame® Greenhouse Window, you’ll have a better home and a better garden because a house without a Tru-Frame® Greenhouse Window is like a day without sunshine.



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